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>Dessert – Duygu’s Muhallebi with Fruit Topping

>I have a little confession to make, I completely muddled this recipe.  The ‘Muhallebi’ is the same as the one in ‘Black and White Pudding’ but my sister-in-law, Duygu, is incredibly inventive and she makes a wonderful fruit topping for this desert that is both fresh and mildly sweet.  I called her up and got the recipe for the topping but changing ingredients to fit my gluten-free diet destroyed it completely and the end result was something that was best gotten rid of very quickly.  I had already put it in my menu so, I just added fresh fruit to it.  I think the presentation was probably the best part of this desert.  I did put it in the freezer, though and am very curious of the outcome.

I wonder what Duygu would have done, if she was in my shoes, she is the queen of improvisation and I am sure that pudding would’ve turned into something truly wonderful.  She can turn healthy cooking into something to be savored; I am always amazed how delectable her everyday table is.  My sons even rave about her eggs.  I think, here, using the best and freshest ingredients is a key that goes hand in hand with creative and bold approaches.   I have never tasted better fruit than I have in her house.  Honestly, it drives me crazy, I don’t know where she finds it all the time.  Whether it’s in season or not, she manages to find the best.  She makes it all seem so effortless and easy too.  There is a lot I still have to learn from her…     
I am going to have to watch her make the topping next time I am in Istanbul and then I can post that here as well.  But for now, this will have to do…

>Dessert – Beaten Muhallebi (Dovme Muhallebi)

>My mother-in-law is a diabetic so, of course she thrives on chocolate and deserts.  Her most memorable signature dishes I can remember are all deserts, like this ‘Muhallebi’ or ‘Bread Kadayif’ or her Apricot Tart.

Although ‘Muhallebi’ (Turkish cooked pudding) is a very traditional Turkish desert, I think this recipe with its rich chocolate topping is a bit modern, but luscious, all the same.
Butter and sugar were my mother-in-law, Yezdos’s, most favorite ingredients.  This pudding is almost solid thanks to the amount of butter it contains.

When I was a child, I loved the smell of browning flour in butter; unfortunately, in that state it only burns one’s mouth, tongue, lips… without much taste to it; I know from first hand experiences.  When my mother-in-law made this ‘Muhallebi’ the whole house would be seeped with that wonderful smell and then when she added the warm milk to it, the sweet aromas rising from the pot would take me back to the days when I was a little girl waiting to lick the bottom of the bowl again.

The major trick to this ‘Muhallebi’ is that it is beaten for 20 minutes after it is cooked.  Then you have to cool it, preferably, overnight, so that when you pour the chocolate sauce over it, it will  become a separate level on top instead of mixing into the pudding underneath like mine came out that night (actually, I substituted rice flour for the wheat flour so it would be gluten-free but I think the proportion wasn’t right)

When I saw that it hadn’t set and it was going to be too runny, I just put it in the freezer and served it frozen… It actually came out alright, but the recipe that follows is for the real thing and it is just fabulous…  

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