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>Finally!!! That Sweet Baby Smell…


It was love at first sight!
Even though I was predisposed to adore him, the melting sensation I felt inside the minute  those brown eyes met mine and we connected was still a jolt.  It doesn’t really matter if he can recognize me or not, all I know is that we have bonded.  The last time I felt anything close to this was probably when I was holding my own kids but then, there was also an element of panic and apprehension.  Now it’s a pure  and  incessant love that knows no limits, the free, liberating love only an aunt can give.    

I don’t remember life in a household with a newborn as being so serene or peaceful; I mostly remember the exhaustion and some days not being able to brush my teeth or hair by nightfall.  The sounds, smells and the never-ending amazement  are all the same, the only thing missing is the trepidation.  Now I see what all the fuss is about having grandchildren.

I spent the whole day just watching my nephew, holding him and taking pictures of him; I could do this everyday.   I have not felt so relaxed and content in a long while.  I guess this is what I must’ve needed.  All those souls searching for fulfillment might not need to go too far, if they could just hold and smell a newborn baby.


>Prometheus Maximus Uygur


His name is Prometheus Maximus Uygur and I am in love.  My brother sent me a photograph and I have it on my Blackberry as wallpaper;  I keep on kissing my phone when no one is looking.  The more I look at his picture the more I am filled with love and longing. He is such a serious little fellow.  We have a saying in Turkish, “Adiyla Buyusun” meaning ‘let him grow up with his name’.  This little guy is going to have to grow up with a huge name but I think he just might be up to the task.  I think I might call him ‘Max.’

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