>Netflix for Books…

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Is there anything that is more comforting than sitting curled up in a corner, getting lost in the pages of a satisfying book. What about not even realizing the drudgery of waiting …in line, for an appointment, for a flight… while being immersed in the excitement of a good story. For some of us, a bookstore is akin to a candy shop and we want to consume all that we see around us; all those engaging tomes full of information, history, romance, adventure beckoning us to take a little taste.

Well, from now on we can taste as much as we want, maybe all… without even leaving our home. The second day of the year, I had the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur whose business, I find absolutely fascinating… a website for renting books online.  He  insists he has all the latest best sellers, I believe his exact words were “Whatever you might find at a Barnes and Noble, you can find at our website..” You can rent 3-4 books at a time, all delivered to your address without having to worry about due dates or late fees.  Best part you can return them when you are finished and the next one will be delivered the same way.  At first, I protested that I love to buy and own books but, the memory of looking for a new home for my paperbacks including some of my favorites, is not that distant…    BookSwim is a wonderful idea, I hope will catch on and expand to include more members and titles.  For now, Happy Reading….