>Gumusluk… Again…

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An Art Studio on the way to Gumusluk…
Old windmills line the top of the hill as you climb up from Gumusluk to go to the main road between Bodrum and Turgutreis.  Unfortunately, there are very few of them left in the surrounding areas of Bodrum; these romantic relics were used to grind flour as late as the 70’s.  Now, they can be found as souvenirs in gift shops.  This Studio built around an old windmill is very striking in the middle of the road, I hope to visit it one of these days.

Closeup of a restaurant on the main pedestrian street in Gumusluk… The main pedestrian street is lined with lots of quaint restaurants sitting on the water; on the other side of the street is their kitchens and refrigerators where their selection of ‘meze’ or fish are displayed for the customers to pick and choose from.

100% natural light fixtures made out of dried Gourd – this is a classic decorative object from this area of the country.  ‘Le Kabak’ is a well-known brand that has its main shop in Derekoy, on the road to Gumusluk; there are at least two other similar shops past this one and it is a good idea to shop around before buying.