>"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…"

sedefscorner tarafından


May 10 2006

I’ve recently had an enlightening experience about the frailty and unpredictability
of life. I’ve also witnessed the power and perseverance of women once

Not long ago, ten days to be exact, I was sitting here thinking what I could
write about. It must have been a slow newsday since I found myself
concentrating on the rain outside my window and it’s affects on nature and
people. These reflections didn’t last for long though, by some twist of
fate and responsibility, I found myself in a hospital room caring for a
beloved relative who was fighting for her life.

The colors of the flowers or the hues of the leaves didn’t hold much
significance anymore. The only thing of importance was the ordeal this
cherished and benevolent, special someone was going through and the help we
could provide in her recovery.

Gone were the meaningless worries of who said or did what to her of a few
weeks ago, in their place were realities about loosing a limb or the
uncertainty of needing more therapy. I found myself in the despairing
position of trying to comfort her. I wasn’t alone in my endeavors, I
realized that this individual whom we loved and cared about so much, had a
bevy of friends and acquaintances who cared about her wellbeing as well.
There were a flock of women enfolding her, in her time of need, come to
console her.

We were surrounded by women from all stages of life. Some were perturbed,
some thoughtful, some compassionate…….. They all had different stories
of joys and sorrows, hidden behind their carefully concealed, lined facades.
Most left these at the door, like a cloak they shed and entered with
different expressions. I witnessed true friendships, sincerity and
constancy in the countenance of these women. Even though there were those
who were there out of duty, most came out of love and concern.

It dawned on me then that women are incredible creatures; nothing can stand
in our way through our loyalty, ability and strength. I tried to imagine a
man in the same situation but failed. They always seem to be the ones that
are in need of attention and caring (mostly provided by women.)

Whoever said that women are the weaker sex was sadly mistaken. As long as
we realize the strength we have within ourselves and our relationships with
our fellow women, we shall not be overcome.

I don’t know if we can find a bright side to this ordeal but I can only
guess that the security of being surrounded by those who care might be a
small ray of sunshine in the darkness of despair.
All didn’t end bad after all; the doctors assured us that due to her age our aunt would be fine after the operation without anymore therapy. I never thought to find old age as the silver lining behind any cloud (it goes to show how much I know.)

I feel like this has been a rite of passage of sorts for me. I now belong
to the proud ranks of experienced, capable, mature women as oppose to the
care free, spirited days of my youth. This does not mean an end to my ‘seize the moment’ attitude but the beginning of a more aware and watchful existence.

I still say “Carpe Diem”.
As the famous 17th century poet Robert Herrick says:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.